Today we bring you a new educational project plenty of an amazing design. As soon as you see you will want to take your children to this spectacular kindergarten. Its design could be shown in a museum. It has been created by Józef Franczok and Marcin Kolanus. The idea is creating spaces where little ones can develop their skills by exploring this stimulating atmosphere.



Architects know that kids want to feel independent by doing things by themselves. They use senses to know more about the environment and also to explore. Special atmospheres help them to develop their own personality as well as their potential skills. However, the main nursery’s purpose is making them happy while they meet new friends to the rest of their lives.



The project tries to be adapted to every kid’s growth phase so there are spaces which are classified according to the ages. Children’s needs change while they are growing up and this must be shown by an adapted environment. Furniture and materials are distributed in a logical and simple way for them.

This huge space includes open areas and cosy spaces. Everything is designed to offer them both funny and relaxing moments. As we have previously mentioned, everything is specially designed for them, to help them to enjoy their daily life.


designer-furniture-for kids4

Rooms show different colours. For the youngest there are orange and green spaces inspired by nature. They will help them to explore and create a fantasy world. Hangers are branches and there’s a farm painted on the wall which is full of funny animals. Purple spaces were created for the eldest kids. They are plenty of little houses and spaces to create work groups.

Every single detail of this nursery has been designed to make them feel comfortable while they live their first experiences that are really important. There are lots of different and original spaces to have fun with friends. This cool nursery is not located in the capital city but in a small village called Chóscice in the Southern Poland. We love this idea because it shows how important is the atmosphere for the learning process. This is not always considered.

Lovely, don’t you think?

via archdaily