Recently we featured some gorgeous shared rooms for sisters.  Today it’s the turn of brothers. As special as a sisterly bond is, the bond shared by two brothers is just as strong.  And what can be more fun than growing up together and getting up to all kinds of naughty adventures in a shared room?

Even if you have enough bedrooms, we think sharing a room between brothers is so much more fun. After all, having a partner in crime to get up to all kinds of antics at any time of the day and night is what the best childhood memories are made of.

To celebrate this special bond between brothers, we’ve picked out some of the coolest shared boys rooms. So if you have two (or more) boys, these rooms will be sure to inspire you.  And you’ll find lots of ideas to steal.  First up we have the room pictured at the top. A bunk bed is always a good idea for shared rooms as it saves space but more importantly, it’s so fun for young kids.  Also, this room shows us that a shared boys room doesn’t always have to be blue. Mustard mixed with a bit of grey is such a great colour choice for a boys room.

Here are some more cool shared boys rooms to inspire you:

Here is another room that uses mustard tones however this room has been decorated with a vintage feel. We’re loving the vintage style posters on the wall and the mustard mixed with the blue bedding. Also, aren’t those lion pillows just the cutest touch?  The matching beds work well together but each boy clearly has his side which is marked by their different choice of posters.

This has got to be one of the most playful and happy shared rooms we’ve come across. We’re loving the whole dotty decor going on in this room mixed with bright pops of colour. Polka dots aren’t something most people would choose for a boys room but we can see that it totally works and adds such a cheerful tone to the room. We’re also loving the geometric wall stickers and the bright yellow headboards which provide storage too.

Sometimes boys do love blue and want blue rooms. If that’s the case in your home, we found this beautiful blue-grey shared boys room to inspire you.  The entire room is painted in a beautiful shade that is both calming and cosy. Also placing the beds in an L-shape is a great idea in a small room as it maximises floor space for playing. We’re loving the little decor details like the hot air balloon and the vintage dresser which all add to the charm of this room.

This is probably the simplest of all the rooms but there is still so much to love about this room. Most of all, we’re loving the soft dusty pink walls because why can’t boys have pink too? The custom-made wooden beds are great too because they look great and save space, especially when you have a room with low, sloping walls.

Whats your favourite room? Would you consider a dusty pink for your boys’ room?

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