We have already shown you some amazing playhouses but today we bring you another toy to offer them fun out! Now, they can play in the activity centre Lil’Monkey. A wonderful idea, don’t you think?

This castle-shaped structure is created with bars connected to each other to create this shape. The idea is similar to those structures we can see in the playgrounds, but the best thing here is that it can be placed everywhere and be assembled in a simple way.


This invention will offer them hours of fun while they practise exercise outside. That’s a great way to forget video games and TV. 

This structure can seem weak but in spite of being light it’s really resistant. We all now that kids’ activity must be supported by a safe structure. This is suitable for kids between 3 and 8 so if your little ones are included here you can be sure it’s a great option even for kids’ parties! You can keep it at home in winter!


There is a wonderful app included with this toy. Provided that kids love technology, they will enjoy the augmented reality video game while they do exercise thanks to this structure. Do you like it?

Via Fábrica de Juguetes