Is there any better form to liven up their room than using a wallpaper? There are lots of motifs and colours so everybody can find his/her own perfect design. Among this huge variety of wallpapers for kids’ rooms, choosing will be really difficult. Today, we bring you some examples to help you to create new decoration ideas to fill their walls.

We really love the idea of mixing two different wallpapers with some elements in common. It adds a new daring and creative air to the room. Pastel tones are great for every atmosphere because they provide calm and they are never too much. They are really cute and suitable for a room with simple furniture.



Here you are some ideas with pastel tones, suitable for a baby’s room. Although they are light tones, they are really funny and friendly, kids will love them. A circus or some stars is the option to us, but you can look for many other motifs they like such as rockets, animals or toys. Furniture in white, pastel or wood tones is almost mandatory.



 After pastel tones, we bring lots of bright colours which are always a good idea for children’s bedrooms. This wallpaper is really flashing and funny, you can combine it with colourful furniture. These printed textiles are the ideal mixture, the contrast will be noticed.


This stars wallpaper is perfect for almost any place, not only for a children’s room. It’s really nice and elegant at the same time. This grey tone can be easily combined. There’ not doubt it’s a wise choice.



At last, we have this paper specially designed for parents who love cars. It’s colourful and plenty of vintage cars, lots of people will love it! A new way to spice up a whole room! Which is your favourite?