When you love drawing as much as Stephanie does, creativity becomes an important part of your life. It can even become your job. Coral and Tusk is the result of the collaboration of Stephanie and her husband Chris. This company tries to tell stories with their illustrations, embroidery and fantastic textile designs where quality is a must. The first steps (machine-embroidered, cut and sew) are taken by workshops in India and the final touch is provided by the Brooklyn team. Experiences around the world play an important role in the development of every carácter which shows its own personality.

What Can You Find?

Coral and Tusk home decor (including pennants, cushions, tablecloths or pillows) is complemented with toys, accessories for baby, stationery, teepees or bags, all of them are full of creativity and thrill. Every single carácter has been exclusively created by Stephanie’s creativity in order to fill your home with amazing stories about remote places.

Only the best materials are suitable for this demanding brand where quality is as important as design.


Talent is the key word here together with creativity and exhaustive work. Their spectacular pieces are the perfect simple of it.


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