What is a good toy for you? I am convinced that a good toy should inspire play first of all. A quality toy is fun and provides joy and many happy moments. It should also stimulate creativity and encourage sustainability. Today I introduce you to a very interesting project that complies all these characteristics: KORXX.

As many of you know, I love cork toys. Cork is silent, lightweight, sustainable and durable. I think it’s a material perfect for children’s playthings. KORXX products not only offer many possibilities of play but also have been awarded for quality, safety and design.

Now, they further want to develop new designer toys (a complex stacking toy and a new construction toy) and they have just launched a Kickstarter campaign.


Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair 2013

The minimalistic design of KORXX blocks encourages the ability to abstract and stimulates creativity. Play with shapes, colours and smells!



The high-friction surface of KORXX allows children to build constructions that are seemingly impossible. Because of this, constructions succeed and generate many happy, satisfying moments. Testing and learning is encouraged with less failure and frustration.



They have developed different concepts of building blocks with different levels of complexity or different situations where they can be used. You can find from mini building blocks( for to go) to a baby set with basic geometric shapes.


Visit their Kickstarter campaign and support them! The KORXX Kickstarter campaign runs until 30 June 2015.

Let’s help them to make their wish come true!

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+ info: KORXX