How do you encourage your kids to read? I tend to buy lots of books and I’ve set up a wish list on amazon where I encourage my daughter to choose books herself. At home, I have learned that placing books where kids can easily reach the books by themselves, makes them much more likely to read them. Think low shelves or even books lined up on the floor rather than high up or hidden away in closed cabinets.  And lastly, having a cosy reading corner next to the books is a great idea. Creating an inviting book corner where you can curl up and read with your kids or they can read by themselves is such a lovely little space to have in any home.

Creating a cosy reading corner can be easily done in even the smallest spaces. Often, all you need is a small corner of a room which can be in any room of your home. If you’re looking for ideas on creating a cosy and imaginative reading space, here are some book corners to inspire you:


One of my favourite ways to create a reading corner is using a canopy like this one. This can be added to a corner in any room and won’t take up much space at all.  Add a few cushions or a soft, squishy rug and your dreamy corner is ready.


An open space with a few low bookshelves works really well too.  I love the cute little decor touches they’ve added here to make the space inviting and fun.


This reading space with a vintage touch is so inviting.  With the mattress on the floor and lots of cushions, there’s space for siblings to read together or for you to curl up with your kids and enjoy lots of imaginative story times.


How playful is this reading corner? The tipi makes a fab hideout as well as a cosy place to lie down and enjoy all those books stored simply in a wooden crate on the floor.


This is probably my most favourite reading corner of all. There is something so magical about this space that has been created using old shelves, crates and throws that were probably lying around the home. I also love the dark tones that make the space feel so cosy and magical.

There are lots of ways to carve out a small reading corner in any home. These five spaces have inspired me and given me lots of ideas and I hope they’ve done the same for you.

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