All of us have dreamed with one of those great  charming dolls’ houses plenty of details. Cottage toy started to create beautiful handmade houses  but the success took it into their own online shop where they offer a huge choice of handmade quality toys made with sustainable materials.

We really like this traditional spirit of a childhood surrounded by wood and natural toys which wake up their imagination in order to let them dream free.

What Can You Find?

As we have mentioned, there is a great range of products including wooden traditional toys such as dolls’ houses, wooden kitchens, soft toys , baby walkers, puzzles, educational games and much more. All of them are so cute that choosing one is almost imposible. There are an enormous selection of gifts for both kids and babies, you can be sure they will love them a lot, just like their parents.

This little artworks are becoming one of those pieces which are used for generations, once and again. Their quality offers a long lasting product to be enjoyed for years!


Everything is really beautiful here but their dolls’ houses are simply spectacular. Every single piece is amazing, we can´t stop looking at them!


Take a look to their “testimonials” section where customers add their opinions about purchased products. Another great point for them!