This British brand will offer you lots of inspiration for your parties as well as many activities to create your own crafts. They are defined as : “nostalgic, chic, simple and inherently satisfying”. Anne-Clare and Alexis are the founders of this funny shop and –as they say on the site-“making life easy for oneself” is their mantra. Do it yourself, don´t buy it, this is the concept. They have lots of energy to spend so they used it to create lots of activities and crafts that both kids and adults are going to enjoy.

What Can You Find?

They offer a lovely range of product for parties which require your talent to be finished. Kids will have to pain, cut and paste to get its own special designs. It’s an extra value for a quality product which has been specially designed for them. Masks, bracelets, key-rings, necklaces, magic wands…everything they could imagine!

You can purchase them separately or in packs which include lovely bags. Themes are also really different: pirates and mermaids, dinosaurs, superheroes, spies and detectives, fairy tales, stars and space …Their partyware selection includes paper partyware and canapé dishes, all of them with a cute design.


The DIY party stuff is their most characteristic feature. This new concept is a complete novelty!


You can find a blog on their site where they tell us every single piece of news!