The Counting Clouds’ story is as inspiring as its garments. Elena Garicano, the mum behind this brand, was an experienced architect who decided to combine everything she loves, design and her family. The result of that lovely mix is a clothing company that wraps girls and women’s body with childhood dreams and feelings and makes them dream awake once and again.

All these garments show a special charm that makes us feel cosy and loved. Every single piece is carefully designed and carefully handmade in Spanish workshops with high-quality natural materials so it’s a great way to support the local market as well as fair trade.



Exploring the world, enjoying little things, finding magic everywhere, playing with fairies and dragons…these are all the experiences inspired by Juego de Niños collection. The first brand’s collection is a clear invitation to dream, feel and play and we totally accept it!



Quality and the design are the functional part of these nice clothes. They have been designed to last for a long time so all your children can enjoy them, furthermore, they basic and timeless design will keep them trendy forever!

They are comfortable, original and really beautiful so they are perfect for every kind of event and easy to combine so they will want to wear them every day! Fashion is always a good way to turn their-yes, and yours too- daily reality into the most fantastic fairy tale.


What do you think? Do you dare to dream?

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