What do you think your kids would say if you tell them about spending the afternoon looking for stones? They will love it! Exploring is always exciting for them although it only includes some stones… We don’t think there’s a single person in the world who hasn’t painted a face on a Stone with a special shape…

Shall we paint stones with kids? We really love those faces!

We are totally amazed by this family. Colourful faces with different expressions to create a group of special characters. Their shapes are used to create funny hats and kerchiefs. Take their paints and let them create their own family.



Faces are not the only way to decorate stones. Messages and games can also be created with them. To create your own collection, you can choose those with the same tone or Paint them later. In this way, everybody is going to have an own pieces. We are sure they are going to create their own games and crafts as soon as they haves the stones.



This last idea takes us to the most traditional things. Those afternoons when we looked for cute stones on the beach to take them home. Then you can add the faces with different expressions. This craft is even suitable for the youngest kids and, in addition it’s really cheap. Take a look to the fun inside stones!

Cactus Pot Made with Painted Stones



Those stones are really funny. Not only because it keeps them entertained. It’s a cheap craft to decorate your home. The best thing here is that they look like real plants! You can place them in their room, you can be sure kids will never be damaged by them. Lovely, don´t you think? You just need some stones, paint and some pots.