Babies grow up really quickly, they will soon become little toddlers who need their own space to discover the world around them. This is why we should adapt their room to their new needs so they can feel comfortable and safe.

There are some elements we must consider to get the perfect atmosphere where they can dream, imagine and grow. Obviously, the most important piece in a bedroom is the bed.The Lit Junior from Mum and Dad Factory is a perfect transition between a baby crib and a “big kid bed”. Inspired from a “daybed”, it can also be used as a couch or as an extra bed.


Organization and order seem to be impossible when we talk about kids’ room, however, you can find lots of original storage solutions to get it. Have you seen this cute Mountain Shelf with tree wall stickers? It’s like it has been taken from a fairy tale!

When we think about cosy rooms, rugs are one of those musts we can’t forget. This Apache Rug will offer them a soft surface to play on while it creates a cool look with a trendy Indian touch.


Study areas are necessary at every kids’ room. Toddlers can use this beautiful My Little Pupitre desk to draw or paint while they train their creativity and use their infinite imagination. Genius at work!

However, although they have grown, toddlers are still kids and night can be frightening for them even if they love their new room. This Pineapple night light will help them to sleep alone without nightmares or fears.



We have mentioned that kids need their special spaces, well, as you know, Arizona teepees are the coolest refuge for them and —furthermore— they will add that personal and cool personality that transforms a room into their own universe!

OK, you have the ingredients, now you can create the sweetest toddler’s room for your little one, don’t forget to include their favourite toys and drawings to make them feel at home!

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