Here at Petit & Small we’re big fans of cardboard. It’s sturdy, versatile and malleable. Whether you use cardboard boxes for crafts projects or buy a cardboard furniture or toy, you can check it’s a raw material with infinite potential and environmental benefits.

Today we bring you some design projects we’ve recently found and loved. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to make some craft for /with your own children this weekend.


cardboard shoes

Mark O’Brien is a young cardboard’s craftsman. He creates work for illustration and set purposes, as well as also working in schools to promote the wonderful world of crafting objects. His work is incredibly creative and fun: amazing cardboard cameras, robots or shoes and also nice projects based off a google street view.


What about creating a cardboard kitchen? Angie Garland, a graphic design from Melbourne, has developed a very inspiring cardboard kitchen project. She set out to design and produce a life size 3D kitchen, made from cardboard, acrylic paint, and masking tape. Love!

Click here for more craft projects and DIY. Enjoy!