All of us enjoy watching beautiful images for a while but it’s even better if they are imaginative and original. Peechaya Burroughs’ photos are minimalist pieces by themselves, they don’t need any text or addition only a few details. Every single person can have his/her own interpretation.


Her Instagram profile has lots of followers and this number is increasing. All of them love her special point of view plenty of creativity. She can find inspiration everywhere and creates a sketch with a pencil to have a preview of the project. Once it’s done, she simply creates the scene. She has two kids who are responsible for guaranteeing originality in every image.


Balloons which are turned into yolks, sprayed water or a smoking pan. Flowers made with juice drops or parts coming from an ice- cream. Although this graphic designer and photographer uses many materials, her main material is paper because it allow her to create many different things, from the spilled milk to the t-shirt swept by the air.


The photos’ minimalist look is her distinctive feature together with the daily objects showed from a different point of view. We invite you to enjoy her pictures with your little ones as they will wake up their curiosity and will also improve their skills to invent things. We are sure they are going to think about new crafts as soon as they see the pictures.


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