Nowadays, we often look for kids’ fun in a digital world. This is wonderful because there are lots of amazing apps but we also like those traditional games which bring us to our origins, to those classic toys that are updated to be stimulating and funny again. Today we bring you the collection of Shusha Toys, a brand with a special aesthetics and lots of imagination behind every single piece.



Wooden Original Toys to Stimulate Creativity

This brand has a very personal style, it’s inspired by the art Russian trends of the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th Century. Hard work is necessary to create every toy as they are made of natural quality materials which will last for a long time. Their retro timeless style will always be cool!

Every piece tries to include some “educational element” to turn their games into learning. Parents know that playing is  the best way to explore the world, the shapes and the colours and also to wake up their creativity. All these innovative games are inspired by this kind of things, so they will always stimulate their imagination.



Building kits are their star product. They include simple pieces focused on shapes and colours so kids can create several combinations by mixing them. There are also pieces focused on shapes, they are specially used to create animals, cities or other kinds of things that will help them to know the world. All those ítems have a safety certificate so they can play without any kind of danger.



We recognise these toys because of their  classic aesthetics, inspired by Russian style and also because of their simplicity. That’s a granted success if you want them to enjoy classic games but with a very creative and innovative touch! Let’s play!

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