Oriünd is a Barcelona-based brand that designs funny products for children and adults alike. Today we show you a colourful, quirky cushions: The Geometrics. All of them are different and unique, and they might be the best friend of your baby or kid.

The Geometrics cushions are perfect for playing, resting and relaxing. These handmade huggables are hand-sewn with care and attention to detail to ensure that you’ll have a lovable friend that’s made to last.

priund-cushions-kids-decor-toys5 priund-cushions-kids-decor-toys6


The Geometrics are smiling rhombus, cheerful triangles, playful hexagons and cloud-shapes with legs, made of coloured patterned fabrics. They’ll add a bright and fun touch to your child’s room.

priund-cushions-kids-decor-toys1 priund-cushions-kids-decor-toys7 priund-cushions-kids-decor-toys

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