The Descendants is a new project of photography for kids which has stolen our hearts because of its great taste and exquisiteness. The result of the collaboration of Maya, a photographer and Renata, a stylist shows a huge amount of unforgettable pictures where kids live lots of adventures. They are trying to remind childhood stories developed in a fairy tale’s environment and limited edition scenes. Their photos, far away from that static image have lots of things to tell…


These girls rely on great careers and we are sure that this new project is going to bring them lots of success because it’s plenty of energy! If you like those photos in magazines where style and photography offer a great result, just take a look to their Instagram profile, there, you will find a lot of inspiration to create the greatest homemade photos with our little ones.

Creativity rules! The thrill and the fun of this activity will be a perfect plan for the weekend! If you get an amazing picture, we want to see it! J


+info: The descendants