Sugar is not usually something we encourage our kids to eat. But if there’s one time of the year that we relax this rule, it’s Christmas time. Christmas is all about treats but even better than the treats is making them together with your kids.

Kids absolutely adore baking and making so why not get in the kitchen with them and create some delicious treats? It’s a wonderful way to spend some family time together and you also end up with some yummies for all your tummies!

In case you’re wondering what Christmas treats to make, we’ve found some of the sweetest ones out there. We’ve picked simple as well as more involved ones so there’s something for everyone. We’ve even got a vegan one – those adorable polar bear cupcakes pictured above. Aren’t they the cutest? And if you’re not vegan, just make regular cupcakes and follow the decorating instructions. We know we’ll be making these.

Here are some more delicious treats to make:

Everybody’s favourite reindeer is Rudolph so why not make some rudolph butter cookies?  These cookies are cute to look at, easy to make and great fun for the kids to decorate.

These melting snowman cupcakes have everything going for them. They’re easy to make, so much fun to decorate and they’ll be so delicious to eat.

Have you ever seen cookies as pretty as these? From the soft pink glaze to the beautiful decorations, these sugar cookies look too good to eat… almost! If you want to push the boat out then these are the cookies to make this Christmas.

When you’re short on time but still want to make a treat, nothing beats snowmen marshmallows in hot chocolate. This recipe is for making the marshmallows but we’ve often cheated with shop bought ones and had the kids decorate them and dunk them into delicious hot chocolate.

Sometimes the simplest treats delight the most. We can’t get through Christmas without making some simple star shaped biscuits. These ones are laced with orange and cinnamon so they sound even yummier than the plain butter ones.

Which one will you make first?

Need more inspiration? Have a look at those delicious kid’s Christmas desserts and those breathtaking Christmas cakes.