Dark grey and black may not be colours you would think about for a kids room. While monochrome rooms are very popular, they always have a lot more white, much more than black. White rooms may always look fresh and bright but black rooms bring a different kind of magic and enchantment.

Very dark colours can work so well for a kids room.There is something utterly captivating about a black kids room and if you don’t believe me yet, maybe you will after you see these rooms. They work for boy or girl and are also great for a shared unisex room. And the bonus – your kids will fall asleep in no time!

The room pictured at the top sets the benchmark for dark kids rooms. There is no holding back here – pretty much everything is dark and moody. But the atmosphere it creates is nothing short of magical. It feels like a room where imaginations can go wild and any adventure is possible.


This contemporary kids room shows a completely different way to go dark.The walls are painted black and are striking but they’ve added a bit of white with the dripping paint effect. That not only breaks up the black but looks so cool too.


The advantage of dark walls is that you can pair it with any colour and it works. In this kids room, the bright coloured toy storage boxes look great against the dark wall and the colours really pop against the dark grey.


Forget the kids, this is one room I want to move into myself! Pairing black with other deep, dark and rich colours creates a space that is moody, magical and super stylish. And to create even more magic, it’s a great idea to add some sparkly fairy lights. This creates such an enchanting space for any age.


Black walls coupled with black wallpaper with a print is another charming way to go dark in a kids room. This room shows us how well it works. If you wanted to be bolder and brighter, you can always pick a wallpaper with a black background but with a bright coloured print.

These five kids rooms are all very dark but none are in the least bit oppressive. They all have a hint of moody magic, ideal for any child’s room. Do you think you would consider dark walls for your kids room?

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