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Initially, it was only an idea that crossed our mind and an interior big force that said to us that we should do, that it was the right moment. Fears, doubts, contradictory opinions appear… but when the moment comes we have to take advantage of the opportunity… Two years ago I spoke on the telephone with Estela, who had just had a baby and she started her blog called “Deco & Living”. When I was speaking with her, she transmitted such a force, illusion, and wishes to carry out this project that she had in mind long time. I was delighted with… her and her project. In that moment we published here the beautiful photos of her daughter Claudia’s room. And now, with these nice photos, you have the proof that, thanks to will, illusion and courage, we can materialize these dreams that we take inside… It is a pleasure to have Estela and her “Deco & Living” blog here again…

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Hello Estela, many enterprising mothers who have a good project in mind follow Petit and Small; we are sure that they will love to know a history like yours… How did you start Deco & Living?

“Everything began with a great moment in my life, the birth of my daughter Claudia, who made me rethink the way of enjoying the things. She changed my viewpoint, took my passion for the decoration and I started taking it into consideration. Of these thoughts the blog Deco and Living was born in 2011 and in 2014 the shop is full of nice things.”

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What would you like to show to our readers today?

“I would love to show them the shop, the products and my philosophy and to invite them to see our first Lookbook!

Deco & Living is a new online shop full of nice things with a different philosophy and with brands involved in communities, organic fabrics, handmade things, ancient techniques, cooperative businesses, small vintage ideas, famous Spanish artisans, young designers, Danish design… to create HAPPY HOMES.

In this online shop you will find homes full of life, lovely and personalized decor, designed in a relaxed and informal way to feel comfy enjoying the beauty of the simplicity.

So, it has a kids section with adorable products for them. Handmade organic-cotton fabrics with nice patterns, blankets and crocheted cushions, fabric flag banners, coloured wicker baskets, creative mini furniture, nice wallpapers, height measurement wallstickers and baby’s small baskets totally personalized with a very elegant presentation.”

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How can we follow Deco & Living in Internet?

“In our shop we upload weekly new products that can be seen in the newness section, in the blog we continue looking for the best inspiration to create HAPPY HOMES and to all those who subscribe to our newsletter we promise to send them only nice things and to be the first ones in finding out newness. And they also can be updated with the following social networks:





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In your opinion, which are the current trends in children’s decor?

“People tend to a more authentic and personal style, relaxed environments that break a bit the established style that we have had for many years. Increasingly we are curing the fear of mixing styles, colours, textiles and periods and leaving the common practice behind. Without forgetting that we talk about children’s rooms, I love to see decontextualized objects, as bottle racks turned into shoe racks or other transformed objects. And in general, rooms decorated nicely, with souvenirs, with toys belonged to the parents for their children, creative areas that reflect the personality of those who live them.

We see more modern and new prints for kids’ rooms and with colours that go beyond the classic baby blue and pink. Mustard, green mint, blue anthracite, pale pink, aubergine are sweet and warm colours with an attractive touch for children.”

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What would you recommend to a mom who wants to decorate a kids’ room?

“She must enjoy the moment; first she must imagine, find inspiration and start decorating the room little by little. In fact, I am in favour of waiting until the baby is born to finish the room decor. Know your baby is fundamental to finish designing its own room. Leave established styles behind; think about what you like best, rescue old toys that could fill the room with memories and happiness.

 The light is important, the placement of the bed for a good rest and have an appropriate area for the important moments: games, relax and storage.

And if they need more ideas from Deco & Living we will be loved to advise them and offer ideas to make the room nice. We love any kid’s room!”