Harry’s room is a mix of every trend in decoration for kids so don’t miss any detail. We love every single element of this cool Nordic bedroom.

The room wakes up a peace feeling, every element is perfectly integrated. It isn’t excessive or boring. There is a great balance with every piece. White furniture and grey and blue stuff get a perfect combination. This decoration requires lots of talent but we can inspired it to apply it at home.



All textiles and dolls are focused on neutral tones. That great storage idea with a felt bag is very easy to make! What about a cushion with a¬†moustache? That’s a funny detail for our little man.

Walls are wonderful! You can see lots of original things are on them. Take a look at the illuminated lightning-shaped sign. It provides a vintage touch which combines perfectly with a little car. Furthermore, you can also see those lovely prints with original children’s illustration. They are suitable for every place!


We must talk about those house-shaped shelves. We have seen them in several rooms and you can find them in many colours or in natural wood tones at several shops. That’s a fantastic way to show their favourite toys and other things they like.



On the other hand, there are funny details which have been designed to stimulate kids’ imagination. Buttons that are hangers or that deer-shaped coat stand placed on an accessible way to them.

If you are thinking about redecorating your kids’ room, here you are some nice and simple ideas. They are very trendy so you will find the necessary stuff easily at children’s shops.



Via LittleDwellings