Every time we decorate a kids’ room, we use to think about furniture first but what about turning walls into the focus of attention? This is what has happened in these funny and creative kids’ rooms. XL walls decorated in a charming way with different wallpapers for both kids and adults. Now, the secret is in focusing all this colour and intensity on one of the walls to get a shocking impact.

Original kids’ walls decorations


This wall shocked us the first time we saw it. It really seems that children have taken their crayons and have used the wall as a canvas. They will love this wallpaper design although we cannot grant that they are not including their own creations on it. There is no doubt that’s an authentic kids’ wall.

Kids’ XL wallpapers in dark tones


Here comes the third wall with wallpaper (love the OEUF crib and the photo by Julie Ansiau). It is an original flower inspiration that includes dark tones. This is only suitable for big children’s rooms with lots of lighting. We think that’s an elegant option, plenty of strength.

Decorating big walls with vintage motifs


Via Mokkasin

This is a perfect idea for a vintage room like the other vintage rooms we have previously shown— A 70’s style for bohemian mums with a hippie soul and a free spirit. Warm colours add lots of light and fun to everything. What do you think? Do you like it?

Flower XL green and fuchsia walls


It doesn’t matter if it is spring or not. This colourful wallpaper is perfect to bring happiness to this narrow room’s background. This idea belongs to The Sociality Family and it is useful to perform a complete change in the room’s appearance.

Decorating XL walls with blue tones for a baby’s room


Blue is a peaceful tone, but its use doesn’t mean that the room is boring. Add this wallpaper and you will get a wonderful chic space. A simple forest with matches the rest of the room with this crib made of natural wicker or the funny owl. The wallpaper selection can also be focused on a specific theme to create a special atmosphere plenty of personality.

What do you think about these enormous walls and their wallpapers?