As always, we were doing some online research while looking for inspiration and today we made it all the way to Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Check out this original loft we found! As you probably guessed, we went to see the children’s bedroom straight away.

Our favourite item in this Nordic style bedroom were the bunk beds, with a functional and creative design where both aesthetics and safety play an important role.

The play corner features a giant teepee, following the same decorating style. The idea we liked best in this part of the room is the mural on the wall. It is most likely done on vinyl, but we can achieve the same effect with different materials and budgets. The colour combination is sober and elegant yet playful, thanks to the drawing with the little house, the sun…By the way, this material also works as a blackboard, so children can use it as the creative outlet they need and love.

This is the Scandinavian atmosphere we wanted to share today. We know many will think “I don’t have enough space for this!” but we’re sure you’ll find some ideas here and there so you can continue making your children’s room more special and truly unique. Nothing compares to the result we get from putting a lot of thought and effort into the spaces we decorate!