Have you ever heard about the importance and power that words have in our life? A simple word represents an idea, a concept which can make us remember different images…

Today we bring you the idea of Lightbox, you may have seen them in different pictures of children’s rooms. They are a very trendy detail to decorate a kids’ space. Which images or representation do you want to bring them every morning? A really “Fun” day? Or, maybe, we prefer to breathe the magic of love with a “Love” lightbox? Whatever you want, you can easily change the message or the word. Because days are not always the same, the messages of your lightbox can be changed according to them!



I really love lightboxes with children’s names, it adds a very personal and special touch to every corner. Names are something really personal and light gives them a cosy touch…What a great combination!



Infinite messages, words which only you know… Include a lightbox in your children’s room! You can find them at lightboxleal.