Today we present you a restrained and simple kids’ room.

It’s a very spacious room with two natural light entry points. To underline it, they have chosen white both in walls and furniture. To contrast, a dark grey wall and a blackboard hanging on the other one.

On the dark grey wall we can see and original and colourful house-shaped shelf which provides colour to the space. Over the bed, we can find a worthy piece, the Flos lamp by Bourullec that lights and decorates at the same time, becoming another ornament for the room.


On the side wall, a white bench provides a continuity feeling by occupying the whole wall’s space, from the window-where it’s wider- to the wardrobe until the end of the wall. A library and some pretty cushions on the window’s zone give importance to this space which can be used as a reading space or a place to chill out.

At the blackboard’s zone we can also find a customizable light garland by La Case de cousin Paul in white and beige to match the rest of the bedroom’s style and some really funny giant knit puffs. At last, there is also an original house-shaped lamp.

Once again, we find a pretty kids’ room where neutral colours like white and dark grey are both protagonists. Touches of colour depend on little details like the shelf, the pubs or the children’s books.


Via Fawn and Forest