Creating a special studying space for children is crucial to help them to perform this kind of task. If they have their own space, they will be happy to do their homework or to use their desk to read or draw. Jungle by Jungle brings you the coolest furniture with this purpose!

Finding a place for them in a playroom or a kids’ room is not very complicated, their clean lines are perfect everywhere. The collection includes designer children’s desks with a simple design. Their style is between classical designs and the most contemporaneous desks.


The creators of these pieces are two friends. Sabrina Colas is an interior designer who creates great functional, original and beautiful furniture. Franck Piratoais is the manager, he is in charge of the commercial matters. Together, they have created a Jungle By Jungle project and the result is very cute!

We fell in love with their furniture’s presentation. It shows romantic pieces that allow us spending hours imagining. All the furniture is made in France with the sustainable management of woods and with a great handmade quality. They focus their attention on production to offer you something perfect. Of course, they get it!



Desks and stools are available in several colours, from pale pink or white or grey. They are mat and soft tones, perfect for simple decorations with basic shapes. You can choose between My little pupitre for childrens from 3 to 6 years and My great pupitre for children from 6 years.



My little pupitre  is made in the traditional way, with an internal empty part to keep everything they may need and keep everything organized, while My great pupitre has two compartments in the folding tray to store all you wish.

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