There are things that always make us dream because they are amazing and special phenomenon. Rainbow is one of those things which everybody loves because it’s inspired and wrapped by lovely stories which full everything of colour. This is the element that has been shown in the Norteland playground in the commercial centre Norteshopping, in Portugal. A modern space plenty of fantasy which is surprising both for kids and adults.


This design has been created by Studio Dass, a Portuguese design company. They have not only thought about the rainbow but in general nature to create every piece and space of this wonderful playground. They wanted to create abstract shapes which reminded mountains, trees or lakes but also allow kids imagining their own worlds.



As the rainbow, this playground shows seven colours that divide different areas. Each area has its own colour and theme: violet means wisdom, blue the sky, cyan the water, green is nature, yellow is light, orange is fire and red is linked to speed. It’s a dynamic playground consisting of seven different zones.

Colours follow the same order; the violet area is for the youngest kids and the red for the oldest. This playground was designed for helping them to develop and adapt themselves to every kind of children. Furthermore, they will have a great time getting the next level while they are growing up.



This is an innovative space and a unique and special playground. It is not only useful for their imagination but for improving their physical and motor skills and social development. They will feel really comfortable in a park with slides, webs, tables and new spaces …they can imagine themselves in every part of the nature…Shall we play?



via Designboom