Finding a space suitable for both kids and adults is quite complicated. The design must be combined with both parts’ needs in order to get a comfortable place for kids and adults. If you think about the number of places like that it is possible that you can’t remember any so pay attention to Fiii FunHouse. We love cute spaces for kids!




It is located in Argentina. Maybe, if this concept becomes popular, other people follow the steps of the owners, Mariela Vergagni y Diego Cores, parents who were looking for a space that they couldn’t find.

As soon as you see the pictures, you will think it is a restaurant for adults, very original. But if you pay attention, you will find children’s elements like swings and playing areas for kids.



This design has been created by the architect Iris Cantante who has been able to mix everyone’s tastes in and cosy interior design and architecture. Wood is the main element to create a comfortable and home atmosphere. Furthermore, it is used to soften sound, we must remember that kids volume can’t be controlled…



The restaurant consists of two floors. Downstairs, there is a restaurant and a playing area and you can celebrate the best kids’ parties upstairs. The restaurant includes areas for eating and three wooden houses to separate the spaces.

The first house is a common space for parents in order to make them feel comfortable in an intimate atmosphere. The second one includes a space for babies with an original mini tent to imagine lovely adventures. The third one has a big educational table where they can draw, paint and have fun with other children with swing seats that they are going to fall in love with!

Even parents will enjoy these swing-shaped seats. This restaurant looks for a comfortable atmosphere with an elegant and functional design and every kind of spaces to enjoy their tasty food.

We go on our finding of cute places for kids, we will bring you the best spaces from all over the world!

Via Design-milk