Flea market rummagers and second-hand enthusiasts will rejoice at the sight of gorgeous Désuet: an online store full of unique furniture pieces and decorative objects. A wonderful Belgian couple of artists is in charge of putting together a whimsical universe where you can get lost for hours. Their love and passion for what they do can be perceived in the importance given to every detail: from the

Their love and passion for what they do can be perceived in the importance given to every detail: from the thoughtful selection of items and materials to the successful and thorough makeover process and the inspiring photography; every single corner of this site screams personality and charm. Plus, who can resist their industrial chic flair? Get ready for some vintage dreaming!

Scrolling through the photography on Désuet‘s furniture section feels like leafing through an interior design magazine. Besides an extensive general design section, you can also filter the products by clicking on their “kids” tab. Here, you will find unique pieces and fabulous inspiration for children’s rooms. We love how the restored furniture pieces are given the spotlight while the surroundings create the perfect mood.

The industrial aesthetic is clear in the rusty details of the “Bohemian Sofa”, Desuet‘s take on a chic children’s bed that can become a sofa or reading nook during the day. We also immediately fell in love with the shabby wicker chair, a small throne full of stories for the princes and princesses of the house.

Looking for key pieces that will give a colourful note to your minimalist children’s room? Désuet‘s vintage yellow chair with a crackle finish will be the perfect match for your children’s craft table; while their gorgeous and spacious wardrobe in pastel pink will create a soft, cosy atmosphere in any bedroom. Combine them with wood pieces or floors to add warmth and softness in contrast with the more industrial components.

For a truly special approach to sitting arrangements, how about some antique children’s armchairs? They will bring back childhood memories for the adults in the house so they can share their school adventure stories with the little ones; the perfect bond between generations! If you’re looking for storage ideas, we think this elegant chest of drawers would be a great addition to your children’s room. It even comes with small frames where you can add label tags that your kids can help making as a fun family activity.

Keep in mind that all of these pieces are unique furniture items restored by the designers, so once they are sold out they won’t have them again. Enjoy checking their site for ongoing exciting updates and new inspiration!

Désaccord: decoration and toys

We have to confess we are overwhelmed by the beauty and amount of detailing in the Désaccord section of the website, how often do you find such original and intricate designs these days? A flawless match to the industrial shabby-chic spirit of their furniture section, get ready to fall head over heels with this outstanding collection! We are sure your kids will treasure and admire these inventive creations just as much as we do.

We’ve all seen animal trophy walls emerge as the new trend in children interior design; but if you are tired of plastic and stereotypical deer, how about dreamy handmade seals, ibises, bears or foxes? They each have such a strong personality thanks to the amount of rich detailing it seems like they might be coming straight out of a fairy tale. They will certainly spark your kids’ imagination!

Finally, we want to highlight their playful mask collection and adorable animal and hand decorative items, all handmade in France. They will certainly be an original addition to your children’s room’s walls and but could also be removed and used as toys. If you are looking for a personal, high-quality present for either your children or someone else’s, look no further! A true delight for the senses.

Make sure to have a look on their website if you would like to find even more ideas and additional decorative details such as knitted cushions and wall tapestry, industrial lamps with crocheted details and many more cute animals. Don’t blame us if you want to purchase more than half the shop by the time you finish!

+ info: Désuet