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Come along on a happy journey through the rain! Today we want to discover more about MAKI minimag, a new, wonderful magazine for kids created by Patricia Deiser. This playful, art & design inspired magazine is perfect for children between 3 – 8 years old. More than 40 pages of stories, comics, spot-it games, riddles, recipes, experiments …

My son and I had so much fun with these poetic, humorous activities and stories. Creativity, entertainment and design for kids and grown-ups! MAKI minimag is filled with vibrant illustrations and texts by talented artists such as Steffie Brocoli (France), Sue Doeksen (Netherlands), Jana Glatt (Brazil), Yuliya Gwylim (Netherlands), Acne JR (Sweden), Reka Kiraly (Finland), Nanna Prieler (Austria) or Agata Krolak (Poland).

We reached out to Patricia to talk about MAKI minimag and her projects. Enjoy!

Patricia at the MAKI minimag launch

Patricia, tell us about your background.

After studying art, history and media science I have been working in art, museums and curating for over 10 years. Back home in Austria as well as in the US and the Netherlands, where I am currently based.

Where and how this interest in kids’ design and literature? How did you decide to create a magazine for kids?

In my teenie years, I wanted to become a children’s book writer and illustrator. So I have always been fascinated by kids books and design for kids. When I first got hold of smart and beautiful French kids magazine Magazine Georges I fell in love with the idea and immediately wanted to start one myself. After some research, I found that neither in the Netherlands (where I live) nor in Austria (where I come from) you have such a magazine. That has been a big inspiration and motivation to create one myself – also for my son, who is 5 now.

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What’s the MAKI minimag’s philosophy?

The MAKI minimag philosophy is to arouse children’s curiosity for the interplay of colours, forms, letters, images, texts and stories in a playful, creative and humorous manner. We want to encourage, entertain and challenge children with intelligent content around unconventional and surprising themes. We want them to get to know the magazine as a product and art form and hopefully let them develop a passion for this printed, “slow” medium.

There are two editions, German – English and Dutch – English. Was there a lack of kids’ magazines in those languages?

Yes, definitely. I wanted a very colourful, happy and bold kids magazine, and could not find such a magazine in German or Dutch speaking countries.
Certainly if you look for a well created, art and design inspired kids magazine without too many advertisements that it’s not gender-mainstreamed for either girls or boys.

MAKI minimag 01_Sarah Vanbelle

The magazine shows a main topic: the rain, it is used as a link between all the sections and activities. Why have you chosen this topic for the first issue?

I want the themes for MAKI minimag to be a little surprising and quirky. For the rain issue, I have been inspired by the book „Rain“, written by Linda Ashman and illustrated be Christian Robinson. It tells about a rainy day in the city and is so endearing, fun and full of energy that I had to do something more with it. We feature the book on the bookshelf in MAKI minimag.

You have chosen wonderful artists, what are the criteria to select your collaborators? How have you convinced them? Has it been difficult?

The choice is a very intuitive one: mostly young, international illustrators, artists and designers that have already developed their own, original style. I like bold and colourful work as well as graphic approaches, a little 20ies, 50ies and 60ies inspired (I am a big fan of Hannah Höch and Paul Rand), mixed with lots of humour, with and playfulness. Not too sweet, lovely or pinkish because I want the magazine to be for girls and boys. Nearly all the illustrators I approached, wanted to work with us, which was surprising and encouraging at the same time. I am so very grateful they wanted to be part of MAKI minimag and help us make it happen. I really cannot thank them enough!

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How would you persuade parents to buy MAKI minimag?

Do you love magazines yourself? And are you searching for an art and design inspired, happy magazine to read with your kids? With stories, riddles, experiments, crafts and more around a surprising theme? Do you want them to learn something in a playful and entertaining way? And get some intelligent, DIY ideas for long afternoons or rainy weekends? Then you should get your hand on a copy of MAKI minimag!

And, what are you working on now if you can divulge it?

I am working on the second issue of MAKI minimag right now which will be all about: BANANAS!

MAKI minimag 01_Jana Glatt 3

To get this gorgeous magazine, visit MAKI minimag e-shop (also available in selected stores). She did a limited edition of 350 German/350 Dutch pieces (with English translations). So hurry up and order a copy already!

And for more incredible inspiration, be sure to check out MAKI minimag blog and follow it on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.