There are no limits in some people’s imagination. Using the most simple things and some staff to children’s crafts they are able to create something new and useful just recycling products. On the Pysselbolaget website, they love DIY novelties but –always- from a very simple view. This is like that because they want that parents and children enjoy crafts together.

The blog’s authors are Freja, a 9 year-old girl, and her mother, Karin who create a lot of cool and easy things together. This time, you can make funny animal pots using a milk or juice carton. Well, that’s only an idea; you can be creative and paint them in any way you can imagine. This is only a suggestion.


What are you going to need? At first, milk cartons which- as liquid’s containers- won’t leak the water of the plants. We will also need resistant scissors, acrylic painting and several brushes in different thicknesses. Painting’s colour will depend on the way you want to make the pots or on the animal in which you inspire.

You should cut the carton keeping in mind the height -they leave 7 cm approximately- , setting up the ears (you have to decide their shape according to the animal you have chosen). Then, you have to paint the whole carton in the chosen colour, let it dry and –using the thinnest brush- draw the eyes, the snout and the mouth. Now you can put soil and plants inside your new pot! Very easy, isn’t it?



Here, you will find a lot of new ideas to make crafts with materials we use to have at home. Easy things which can be made by children in order to keep them entertained, helping with decoration and recycling, two very important matters for any home.

So start to collect all your cartons to seed flowers or aromatics. You can paint them like animals or just in a colourful way with stripes, spots and with every kind of styles and designs. Painting is one of the things that they love so let them be creative to decorate pots in their own way. They will probably surprise you!


+info: Pysselbolaget