It’s time to stay at home, so it’s the best time to make crafts. If your creativity doesn’t provide any good idea to spend a cold afternoon just enjoy these suggestions of the lovely shop Smallful and have fun with your kids. You can create some decorative elements to the Christmas tree or to any place at home.

Dioramas are a great idea because they show a 3D scenes. If children don’t know them yet they will be really surprised with the final result. They can also make their own Santa Claus.


On the other hand, you can also find these hanging trees with a Santa Claus’ face or with an elf. They are really funny to be hanged from the tree or on the chimney. The whole family must see them!

If you are wondering what kind of materials will you need to these crafts, don’t worry. ¬†Just scissors, glue, string (in the case you want to hang them) as well as some cardboard to print the drawings and patterns. This is better than paper because of its resistance.


You can download the printable decorations from Smallful website. Furthermore, they offer clear instructions to be followed step by step. Children and you can create a different decoration for your tree; it would be more original and gorgeous. Although you will have to do it again the next year you will have a great time creating it together!



+info: smallfull