I’ve always loved the idea of having an open wardrobe, like the Scandinavians do. But an open wardrobe in an adult bedroom means you have to be super tidy and organised with your clothes. However, in a baby or toddler room, this look is so much easier to pull off.  Babies tend to have far fewer clothes at any given time as they are constantly growing and their clothes are tiny so it’s easy to be neat and organised. Also baby clothes are the cutest, so why not have them in full view?

I went looking for some inspiring open wardrobes for babies that are possible to recreate at home and I found some beautiful ones. The best part of these wardrobes is that even if you have a tiny room, they can be squeezed into any corner or niche and they still look charming. They are easy to make yourself and you can always customise yours for the space you have. If you love the open wardrobe look, here are some ideas that you can recreate or just take some inspiration from these and create your very own version:

One of the most popular ways to create your own baby wardrobe is to use tree branches. There are lots you can do with branches and below I’ve shared 3 of the best ideas:

open-baby-wardrobe-1This is an entire mini wardrobe made from branches and rope and it is stunning. But if this feels like a little too much work for you, we’ve got some easier to recreate ideas below.

open-baby-wardrobe-2One single branch can work just as well and it’s a lot easier to create. They’ve hung the branch under a shelf which is perfect as the shelf makes handy storage for the little shoes.

open-baby-wardrobe-3This is another idea on how to create a branch wardrobe especially when you don’t have much space. Using small branches hung above each other means you can have 2 or 3 hangers without using up much space.


If branches aren’t your thing, how about a copper pipe wardrobe? Copper pipes look really cool and make a beautiful feature like this simple wood and copper open wardrobe.

open-baby-wardrobe-5For something a little different, how about an adorable mini house wardrobe? It would make such a charming addition to any baby nursery.

open-baby-wardrobe-6Wardrobes hanging from the ceiling look cool and they are best for saving space too. When you add pretty wooden beads into the mix, they look even more charming like in this girls room above and in the room featured at the top. This one is more girly, while the top one is more minimal but you can easily adapt the look to your own taste.


If you love the wooden bead idea but prefer something a little simpler, this last open wardrobe is for you. Create a chain from wooden beads and hang your baby clothes on that.  You can even paint the beads if you like.

We are huge fans of open wardrobes for babies as they’re not only space saving but are beautiful too. The only problem is choosing just one look.  Which one is your favourite?

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