DIY for kids parties (1)

If you have children, you will surely know these toy animals I am talking about. They come in every adventure your kids imagine. I have found them in the most unbelievable places, even in bed!

With these animal figures you can invent an enjoyable craft or an original DIY like what you are seeing right now. It drew our attention how three mothers, each one her own style, had this clever idea, and we are pretty sure that some of you are just now thinking about something else.

DIY for kids parties (2)

DIY for kids parties (3)

Everybody agreed with using wild animal toys, tigers, giraffes, rhinoceros, leopards, T-rex included. In the case of Gretchen from Three Little Monkeys Studio, the plastic dinosaur changed into a terrible serving dish. The creature pokes its head threatening to eat it all!

DIY for kids parties (4)

DIY for kids parties (5)

With a chic style, the blogger Laura from A beautiful mess shows us these decorative gold-spray-painted cake stands. On the other, the creative designer of The Good Machinery gives a particular artistic touch to the animal figures. using fluorescent paints.