Every house has the same problem: There isn’t space enough for toys, it doesn’t matter what you do. This is why we need good ideas to keep everything organised. In this kids’ room, they have created wonderful wooden DIY shelves for all the toys and books which create a casual and modern atmosphere.

DIY storage ideas with boxes are really trendy and they are so easy to customize that we think they are the best way to keep all their stuff. It can be used without any kind of transformation, like in this case where they want to focus the attention on the wallpaper, but they can also be a good way to wake up your creative side. Add some wallpaper at the bottom or paint them, they will be special and different!


Do you remember that bookcase made from the Ikea’s spice rack? It was perfect because it showed the covers of the books in a very attractive way. Now, this is the most trendy way to keep books and turn them into part of the decoration. In this case, it has been included in the studying area together with some toys and a picture, because they can be used in a lot of ways!


The third idea taken from this eclectic and funny children’s room is that house-shaped shelf with lots of corners to put their toys. It’s a great option to show them! They have customized it with some wallpaper to make it funnier.

These storage ideas can be easily included in every kids’ room and all of us can customize them with some colour or prints. What do you think?

Via Insidecloset