Superheroes are a very popular theme in the children’s interior design world. Most of the kids have a favourite superhero who saves the planet and lives a life of adventures. But, how to create a stylish child’s bedroom in a superhero theme? We suggest you keep décor simple and fresh. You can put different superhero elements: prints, pillows or other decor details, and add a personal touch to the child’s room with a fun DIY project.

Part of the many pleasures of being a parent is seeing the satisfaction in your kid’s eyes the moment you give them presents. On the other hand, there’s nothing quite like the fulfilment that comes from finishing a personalised gift and handing it out to them. Apart from giving toys, books and the usual gadgets like an iPad Mini or a PlayStation 4, making a do-it-yourself project such as a superhero-themed furniture highlights a more special kind of dedication.


Superhero-themed room inspiration

Of course you have to have the right frame of mind, the proper skills, and the perfect equipment to get the job done. Here’s where power tools come into play.

On the surface, power tools are efficient instruments to have in your personal collection. And since we’ve already established creating a comic book hero-inspired furniture, you have to really grasp the importance of having a bandsaw. Screwfix, an online retailer of accessories and hardware items, labels this piece of equipment as a power tool that accurately cuts through straight or irregular lines on different materials. This means: a bandsaw can help you carve out a superhero logo out of hardwood and turn it into a drawer with ease.


Superheroes’ bedrooms ideas: wooden details

Building the Foundation 

At Petit & Small, we suggest a lot of inspirations for kids’ dressers, armoires, and nightstands. From here, you can turn it up a notch and come up with a Superman, Batman or a Wonder Woman drawer. To begin, you should have a block of wood that’s a little larger than the preferred measurements of the box. Another option would be re-sawing various thickness of wood, bonding them altogether, and leaving them for 24 hours to dry.

Making & Carving the Template

Once you have the wooden foundation ready, it’s time to print out a PDF template of your chosen superhero logo. You then have to use spray adhesive to carefully place the pattern onto the block of wood. Using a bandsaw, carefully carve out the outer lines of the design. As a side note, you should ideally have a 1/8” blade so you can handle tight curved cuts with exact precision.


SuperHeroes’ Bedrooms Inspiration

Cutting the Back Wall of the Drawer

After shaping the outside of your box cut out, choose which part will be the back of the drawer. Normally, you have to give a ¼” to ¾” allowance for the back wall of the box. Use the bandsaw again to cut the engraved line. But if you did glue different pieces of wood together, it’s best to slice between two portions so you can effectively hide the cut line.

Constructing the Drawer

Get the remaining cut off a block of wood and mark the shape you want your drawer to be on the front of the box. Before cutting, it’s imperative to determine where to make your entry cut. A way to go around this is starting in a corner or with the grain. As soon as everything pans out, it’s time again to use the bandsaw and start cutting the drawer. You can now glue the part of the drawer frame where you made the entry cut, clamp the wood, and set it to cure overnight.

Putting the Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve put the pieces of the main frame (with the hollowed out core) and the drawers together, it’s about time to put the finishing touches on the project. First off, chisel excess glue that’s squeezed out on the outer part of the box. Gradually sand down every piece of the drawer starting with 80 grit all the way to 220 grit. For the drawer pull, you can buy a corresponding superhero logo at a local hardware store. Top it all off by using three coats of Satin urethane topcoat for a smoother, more elegant finish.

First picture: Superman’s bedroom project