Technology Will Save Us is a UK based start-up founded in 2012 and focused on sparking the creative imagination. They are on a mission to provide families, educators and young people new opportunities to learn and create using technology. Technology is not only computer games, coding or apps, it can be a tool for solving problems and making things with.

They produce DIY technology kits that encourage everyone to design and invent products, using everyday life as inspiration: music, gardening, cycling and gaming. The gadgets range from a make-your-own speaker to a handheld games console.

‘This is learning in the 21st century,’ explains co-founder and CEO Bethany Koby. ‘I want my child to play video games, but I want him to invent and make them himself, so he’s not just consuming but learning. I’m all for screen engagement, just not screen overload.’


Electro Dough Kit 

Create sculptures and scenes using dough, then bring them to life with light and sound. Start to understand how circuits work in a fun way. This is the best kit for young children (suitable from the age of four).



DIY Thirsty Plant Kit

Build a solar-powered moisture sensor to keep your plants healthy and happy. Your moisture sensor will tell an LED to flash when your plants need watering. Good for ages 8+.


DiY Synth Kit

Discover the joys of electronic music by building your own synthesizer. Good for ages 12+.


DiY Speaker Kit

Amplify your world by turning an object you love into a unique and portable speaker. Design your own case for them out of any material you fancy and bring music wherever you go! Good for ages 10+.


DIY Gamer Kit

Build your own handheld games console. Make it. Play it. Hack it. Code it. Then enjoy the games you invented on the console you built. Good for ages 12+.


Start Arduino Kit

Learn to write your own code to make LEDs flash, speakers buzz and motors spin! You can build interactive projects using Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform.Good for ages 12+.

Amazing, isn’t it? The gamer kit forms part of the permanent collection at the MoMa in New York and was shortlisted for the 2015 Design of the Year award at the Design Museum.

They already have new and interesting projects. Definitely, Technology Will Save Us is a company to bookmark.