Tipis are really in. That is not a secret. We can see them every day in different blogs about children´s decoration in every shape, sizes and colours and with all kind of ornaments. We think it’s a great idea! It’s a pity not having thought about it before because kids really love having their own space to play, an almost secret place where they can invent stories, read or simply have a rest.

Today, we bring you the Estefania’s idea -from the La chica de la casa de caramel blog- . She has made her own tipi to create a special present for her one-year-old niece. According to her, is a very simple DIY and the result is amazing. Looking to the steps, it really seems very easy even for those who are not really good at crafting.



How to make a tipi for a children´s room

To make this cute Indian tipi you will need the following materials: 6 bamboo or wood sticks that you can buy in every iromonger’s ,  1×2 meters fabric, scissors and resistant string. Stick’s measurement depends on the room’s size . You can ask the assistant to cut them or do it yourself with a saw.

The first step consists on joining three sticks and tie them together at the top. Then, join the other three sticks and tie them together again. You will obtain an hexagonal base. Now you must use the string to tie the bottom part , letting a 45 cm separation between the sticks in order to get a solid base and a  more symmetrical look.



The next step is preparing the fabric which will cover the tipi. You can fold it in half to get a 1×1 meters square. Both sides are 73cm and the diagonal measurement is 38 cm. Mark the points as shown and cut surplus. To put it over the tipi, you have to cut a bit at the top, where the sticks stand out. Furthermore, you have to sew a piece of fabric in every corner where the sticks are placed, in order to create the tipi’s shape.

Last touch is the most creative one, decoration is the final step. Estefania decided to add a handmade garland, a long hair carpet, cushions and a soft toy. At night, a beautiful garland provides a very dreaming touch. You can do it in your way, adding topics or plumes, ethnic prints, colourful pennants or light garlands in the outside. At this point, you must look for things that combine with the room’s decoration and enjoy this creation! We are sure children will love their new tipi!


+info: La chica de la casa de caramelo