Summer is a great opportunity to do fun activities with your kids. But often parents hear the dreaded “I’m bored” from their kids during these days. This is not a problem, kids need to be boring at times (it seems our capacity for boredom may well have diminished with all the attractions of the internet). But especially when it’s raining or otherwise not fit for outdoors, you often need something for the kids to do to pass the time.

How to keep the kids busy on a long summer day? With warm, sunny days and the shakeup of the regular schedule, summer can be the perfect time for the entire family to try their hand at making crafts.

Here are 3 fabulous ideas to try. All of them are fun, colourful and allow kids to get creative.

Summer Crafts to Make with Kids: Hand Painted Balloons

Do you want to make someone a special surprise? You and your little ones can create a hand painted balloons with some compliments. Definitely, this is a sweet, simple, and easily customisable project. Get the how-to at Oh Happy Day.

Summer Crafts to Make with Kids: DIY Chalk Letters


There’s no better way to teach your children the alphabet than by having them make their own chalkboard letters to play. Get the tutorial at Momtastic.

Summer Crafts to Make with Kids: DIY Battleship Sweets Game

 This is a DIY game dreams come true! Even we think it is way more fun than the original. Get the how-to at Lovely Indeed.

Which one is your favourite?