This pair of mums are enriching their lives with all the knowledge provided by motherhood: daily accidents that kids use to cause. This is how they decided to found Double Double, a try to help parents to have an easier life.

Spills can become a waste of time, time that is used to clean instead of spending it with your little one. No way! No More! Sipsnap, their most important product, will avoid this problem. These silicone sippy cups can be fit on any cup!

What Can You Find?

Sipsnap was launched in March 2014 and it got a great success. This is the result if you mix parents’ needs and these mums’ talent. Functionality, design and color are the key concepts of this special product whose main purpose is to help you to enjoy the beautiful parts of parenting and forget that little mess created by your little one in the kitchen!


Their main speciality is their skill to find a need and fulfill it with a product designed according to their experience. Success is granted!


They are preparing a new product they haven´t given any information yet but if you want to keep informed just visit their shop! We are sure is going to be something really cool provided the previous one!