Do you like pastel tones? In this case, you will totally fall in love with this room. This is Avie’s room, a really lucky girl because her mum has carefully looked for every detail to get a funny and peaceful atmosphere at the same time. Enjoy every single image!

Nordic style is the main focus of attention of the room; it looks really nice in children’s rooms. You may probably know this style, it’s really simple and beautiful and we have shown it several times. It is normally focused on black and white rooms but there are also some colourful rooms with pastel tones like in this space. They are soft and delicate.


You can find lots of interesting pieces on the walls, since small house-shaped shelves which we have seen in several inspiring pictures to those amazing details which can even be made by hand like the clouds or the pennants. The idea consists in adding pastel tones to every single element with mint green and pale pink with a light blue background.

Children’s textiles follow the same line; they mix soft tones and prints. The purpose is to create a room with its own personality, many interesting things and funny fusions in order to get a stimulating but peaceful space at the same time thanks to its pastel tones.



This Scandinavian kids’ room is completely trendy because Avie’s mum has selected the required details to transform it into a charming place. From furniture painted with pastel tones to textiles or pictures, everything is talking about Nordic style in its more colourful variety. Don´t you love this inspiring rooms?

+info: Beck Halliday

Via Babiekinsmag