Do you have a small dreamer at home? Children often invent imaginary worlds, create new arguments for their favorite characters, believe in mermaids, fairies or superheroes with impossible dresses and magic skills. And that’s fine.

Daily life is full of schedules, obligations and reality. Sometimes we forget the importance of dreaming and playing. So occasionally, close your eyes and dare to dream. Learn from your children.

Today, we show you some sweet kids stuff, illustration, vinyls and art prints with dreamy characters. Enjoy!


Beautiful ‘Veggie’ print by Swedish illustrator and designer, Anna Lindsten.


Mouton Rêveur by Boramini



The Velvet Egg Sticker Family: a collection of beautiful vinyl stickers from Velvet Eggs


Clown print from Lelelerele

Pictured at top: Mermaids, the lovely new vinyl from Bumoon shop. It contains 2 mermaids and a wide variety of plants, flowers and starfishes.