Duchess and Lion Fall 2015


When you become a mum or a dad you realize that there’s anything in the world good enough for your little one. Nothing is as beautiful, as special, and as wonderful as your baby. Stacie, an American mum, felt the same but she decided to leave everything to create and these special carefully designed clothes for her baby.

She became the creator, the designer, the part owner of her own company. It was a try to offer her child a better world specially created for her. This is how Duchess and Lion was founded.

The brand includes chic and trendy designs which are combined with those lovely vintage touches and a special charm that can’t be found easily. For the Fall’15 season, they present a playful, modern take on vintage styles, a really beautiful collection inspired by horse racing.


Every garment shows the love and the thrill of a mum who is choosing every detail carefully in order to find the best of the world for her children. Their clients can share this feeling: the best quality, the best design, the special materials and a bit of mum’s magic has been taken to them through every single piece of clothes.

Quality clothes are important for parents but a fair world plenty of worthy values for their children is even more than that. It’s crucial. This is why the all the brand’s clothes are ethically produced according to the labour laws. This is an extra value to all the talent, design, affection and quality present in every piece.


Children will understand some day the importance of work and “fair play” and they will also appreciate their parent’s efforts to improve their environment. This is the way to teach them values: You are not a teacher, you are an example, this is the brand’s attitude and we love it!


Trendy quality designs, a better tomorrow. Duchess and Lion offers your kids everything! Get it here!

+info: Duchess and Lion