This brand has been created recently but it has known how to create a space for it in the kids’ furniture field. Its creations are cute, functional and with a simple style. They use classic lines with some modern touches in order to adapt the furniture to every space and home.


If we look at every single piece of furniture, we realize that they are looking for as much versatility as possible. They have to be useful for a long time (not only during a short period of the child’s life). This is one of the main problems of kids’ furniture; it must be replaced when the kids grow up. We consider convertible furniture the right option!

All those designs are made in Europe with a team formed by an architect and a graduated in art history and interior design. With this curriculum, this French company only creates stylish and functional furniture!


Its first creation is the Mini Bed, in spite of its name it seems a crib. However, this piece of furniture is between a crib and their first bed so it can be used with both purposes. It is robust and long lasting and it’s available in white and wood tones.


The bed is this crib’s turning into a normal bed. It has been designed for kids from 6 years old in order to provide them more independence to use it. This children’s bed is a wonderful piece of furniture because it can also be used as a divan or as a bench to have a rest once they have changed their bed. You will invest the money in a long lasting piece of furniture made of solid wood.



Finally, you can find the desk with lots of uses. They can use it as a table to draw, read or just to do their homework. Adults can use it as an auxiliary table or just like a seat. It is made of solid beech wood to fulfill kids and adult’s needs.

These are the three pieces they have launched and we really love them because it’s a way to invest money in pieces which provide lots of uses. Furthermore, their designs are lovely, easy to combine with the rest of the furniture and ever styles! Remember this brand because this is a worthy furniture for kids!


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