The most Bohemian eclecticism can be found in this apartment in Paris. It’s present in every space and detail. Kids’ spaces can’t be less surprising, variated and funny than the rest of home and, there’s no doubt that they know how to catch our attention with lots of details and their combinations plenty of style.

Paper balls, garlands and stickers are mixed to decorate all the corners. There are vintage ideas that are combined with other more modern ones. As far as colours are concerned, they mix intense tones with other softer colours and they show impossible combinations such as fuchsia and orange. There is total freedom to choose every piece.

Eclectic Kids’ Room


We can find colourful rugs on the wooden floor with some white walls with some blue at the bottom and some superheroes stickers. There’s no doubt that it’s an unexpected combination. Vintage touches are everywhere, such as the desk for the study area, that antique map or the wicker storage basket.

Eclectic Nursery


We can find lots f inspiration in this nursery, like that rocker horse. The  geometric print of the rug contrasts with the balloons of the wallpaper. The wicker bench or the metal lamp with birds are other of those original ideas for the kids’ room.

Play Room with Eclectic Style


The kids’ playroom is a wonderful space plenty of light and with a great central space. The wallpaper shows a flower print and it’s very stimulating and those soft tones are mixed with more intense tones from furniture and textiles. This is a home with kids’ space plenty of details to get inspiration.

Via Desiretoinspire