Sometimes you come across a fresh, spirited house, a home full of life. Today I want to show one of these houses. It’s full of beautiful objects; it’s colorful and creative, but above all reflects light and joy.
Katia, owner of Radosnej Fabryki, has an eye for details and has created a cosy home which lives with her husband and two children.



Toys, books, garlands and soft dolls are all over the shared kids room. The pallet beds and colorful textiles are combined with some vintage elements, such as desk or high chair.



All, without exception, are collectors and travelers. They like to walk around the flea markets and shop figurines, art, furniture and other little treasures.



Textiles and patterns are very present in this house, also in the playroom with some rugs and pillows and a lovely wall decor.


Ultimately, an ancient house where you can find treasures and joy in every corner.

 +info: ladnebebe