We like modern and vintage style with some personal touches but we also like trendy pieces, bright colours and huge white spaces. If you think the same but you are not able to choose only one, you are a fan of eclectic kids’ rooms which can be really original because of their mix of styles, textures, colours and prints.

Meta Coleman ‘s home is in Utah, she lives there with her husband and her two kids. She has got some inspiration from kids to decorate their rooms but she has also experimented with styles and details. The result is really cool: two fresh, functional and funny bedrooms with lots of space for creativity.

Boy’s Room

If we focus our attention on the spectacular mural, we will realize that it’s made from a picture sent to Rebel Walls to create customized wallpaper with a panoramic view of the mountain without going out. There are other details which catch our attention like this badger rug from Molly Meg or the antique Navajo rug, they are really different but they are perfectly combined in this eclectic atmosphere.


 There are lots of storage ideas for children’s rooms but you can always add a personal element. At Colemans’ home, there is a huge choice of vintage toys, collected from Meta’s childhood or even from Meta’s mother so several generations of toys are gathered in this special place. Those antique games are always in, they are almost a collector’s piece. There’s no doubt that kids have a lot of good ways to have fun!

There are many pieces of kids’ storage furniture, from chests of drawers with drawers organizers according to their names to huge shelves plenty of toys, books and a great selection of details.

Girl’s Room


Meta’s daughter loves drawing so using a blackboard paint on a whole wall was one of her best ideas. It’s a great way to wake up her inner artist without painting and cleaning every single week. Sometimes, the simplest is the  most effective!


We love the rack at the bottom of the shelves in order to offer a perfect view of every piece of clothes so choosing the perfect outfit will be much easier!

Via Cup of jo