When we purchase a set of furniture we don’t usually think about its environmental impact. For this reason, Woomo is a good option. It takes care of the environment and guarantees every product’s sustainability. Ecology and functionality are its main considerations to create their pieces in a natural way. All its processes are environment-friendly and show a wonderful design.

Eco-friendly kids’ furniture



Woomo uses raw materials with the lower quantity of chemicals as possible. Their varnishes and paints are water-based and the wood —like in the Lamp range— is recycled. They like that every piece of wood has its own story, an own life which can be turned into a new object in order to prolong its useful life.

Its lines are very simple; they look for functional kids’ furniture. However, its designs are always carefully created. Wood is processed by hand so every piece is unique. They are not looking for perfection because nature is like that, natural and imperfect. That’s why it is as beautiful, special and irreplaceable. All those things are what they want to offer you in their pieces.



A horse-shaped clothes rack, a bench which is also a chest or a table to spend lots of funny afternoons are some or their creations. Innovating in every design is the key to getting pieces of furniture with several uses. It makes them more useful and able to be adapted to the family life. These soft and pure lines create timeless pieces.

Every process is carefully performed to offer you quality pieces. They know that details are very important so the brand, the labeling, the product and everything related to this furniture is exhaustively monitored in order to get an extra value. This provides it a quality brand image.


Its collection includes a children’s clothes rack which can be used with every kind garment. It’s a way to keep everything ordered and organized. You can also find these Montessori chairs, perfect to be combined with the chest-bench and the tables. This set can become every kids’ room a versatile and cosy space.

Recycled lamps


The Lamp line, as well as the Lamp range, is recycled so every piece is unique. When we choose these lamps we are purchasing a bit of life, a piece of wood with a story which has been reused in order to create something new and cool.


These lamps are available in different sizes in order to be adapted to your space. Furthermore, the wood has been restored and you can appreciate this imperfection which makes it so special. You can find them painted in bright colours or in simple wood. That’s the final touch for this children’s room linked to design, ecology and good taste.


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