Ecological awareness is becoming more and more common in our daily life, we don’t want a polluted world for our kids. New generations must learn those concepts since childhood in order to take care of the planet from the beginning. Encore! has worked with this idea to create its ecological wooden toys.

The French brand Encore is new and it has got a lot of success by showing something which is not very common. We are used to ecological toys like those cardboard toys, but anybody had thought about creating toys which promote respect for the environment.


We love dollhouses and this kind of games so we consider the eco-friendly neighborhood of this brand is amazing. There are lots of elements that tell us about an eco-friendly lifestyle, like that little vegetable garden or the wind power system. The idea is that kids can learn about this matter while they are playing.


Those toys are made of wood and fabrics, with natural and recyclable materials. All of them show a timeless and modern style. They are simple but all of  them have plenty of details, this is something really exciting for kids because they will find lettuces in the vegetable garden or the surf board to play with their characters.


We love the idea of toys which are not only produced without damaging the planet but are also a way to teach kids about taking care of it. We are sure that this kind of projects will help them to look after the planet in a future. Let’s play!

Via E-glue