Toys are an important part of children’s development, games can help them to improve their skills and discover new ones. This is why we really like toys that allow them to think by themselves while they train their imagination and create their own magic universe through these special objects. Edu2 is a cool company from Lithuania which is able to wake up all kids’ curiosity and joy by offering them a cute range of toys specially created to explore the world around them.

One of the purposes of the company is to offer parents educational toys with a special value that make them unforgettable as they have been an important tool in kids’ learning, avoiding those ephemeral trend-toys we see on TV. They are designed to last for a long time while invite families to spend time together, to imagine and to improve their skills in a common way.

Light Play Tables


These toys’ great design turns them into a great decorative element to complete the kids’ room, there’s no doubt that it has been created to make them dream!


Educational light play tables is Edu2 star product as it’s present in 70% of Lithuania local kindergartens and also in many spaces designed for kids. Light offers them a new point of view where they discover reality in a different way. It’s also wonderful to help them to express themselves and retain information in  a better way. Monai is their new light play table, and it’s been awarded GOOD DESIGN of Lithuania!


It is a unique lighting platform where human-centric lighting technology and nature inspired design merge together. MONAI adjusts to the daytime automatically and lights up your space by intensive blue light in the morning or relaxing warm color at night. It keeps you awake in the first part of a day and helps you to get asleep. MONAI can be used as a healthy lighting source, light play table for relaxation, painting platform for children, or simply a marvelous piece of interior. Creativity has no limits on this table!


Edu2 also offers an educational play light table for children at the age of preschool and primary school years. Different shapes, colours, materials and textures offer them a huge choice of possible combinations, inviting them to become designers.


You can do lots of activities with edu2 light table from quiet activities with sand to paper phantasies or nature stories.Kid’s imagination never stops so who knows what could they create?

Sensory Play Space Dividers


These sensory play space dividers are great to create funny shapes by pushing colourful objects through the perforated panels. Kids’ really love seeing their ideas on the panels and also hiding behind them to get their special space!


You can choose between a beautiful city or a sensory panel. This cute divider is inspired by the old European cities and as the previous one, is perfect to discover shapes, colours, letters…furthermore, they will help children to develop their motor skills. We really love their cute design and their cool look!!

Soft Furniture


Furniture can also be funny! Have you seen this Tetricube? Have you imagined how many figures can they create with these soft pieces of furniture? It will soon become their favourite giant toy! It’s a great way to train their logical thinking, they can do it while they play with the pieces or have a rest on them! We are totally in love with this amazing creation! This is one of those pieces that covers the whole space with an own personality!


We all know how important playing is, these educational games will be the perfect partners to face their development, don’t you think?

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